Kathleen Passidomo

Passidomo's Voting Record

  • Legislative Immunity
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    Voted for HB 7123

    Provides legislative immunity and privileges for legislators, former legislators and staff to have absolute privilege in proceedings against compelled testimony.

  • Passidomo - pro-abortion extremist
    Voted against HB 277
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    This bill would have
    - Granted an infant born alive during a botched abortion the same rights as any other baby
    - Banned Abortions after viability of the fetus
    - Required 3 hours of ethics training for abortion doctors
    - Require a 24 hour waiting period, informing mother of potential risks and the estimated age of the fetus

    Voted against HB 1127
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    This bill would have
    - Required the physician performing an abortion to offer the pregnant woman an opportunity to view the live ultrasound images and hear an explanation of those images. The woman was not required to view the ultrasound and could opt-out.

    For more information - see the Abortion Bill page.

  • Green Energy - Crony Capitalism Bill
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    Naples News Article
    Forbes Article

    When the government picks winners and losers, we ALL lose.  Ask Passidomo why she voted to give tax breaks to green energy companies that come to Florida?

    I'm sure it's just a coincidence that Passidomo accepted a $500 (max contribution) donation from Next Energy, Inc. on 9/15/2011 - listed as a "Renewal and Solar Energy company" - just a few months before her vote on this solar energy bill.

    If you opposed Jackson Labs, then you should also oppose this kind of "Loopholes for sale" cronyism.  It's exactly the same thing.

  • Florida (un)Fair Foreclosure Act
    HB 213, HB 319, FUFA
    Passidomo Sponsored HB 213

    These bills will offload responsibility from the banks onto the HOA and Condo associations for all legal fees related to foreclosures.  It was originally a plan to completely upend our legal system in favor of the banks, but they've dialed back a bit on this for political expediency.  Allows the court to waive your right to trial in court by deeming.

    Video 319 - Jump to 144 minutes
    Tallahassee Protest Photos
    Naples Protest Photos
    Naples News Article

  • Supports Unconstitutional Red Light Cameras
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    Passidomo didn't know how to vote, so she asked the Sheriff...

    Giving no consideration to the constitutionality of red-light cameras, Rep Passidomo thought it best to ask another politician, the Sheriff.  She believes that Red Light cameras are necessary to ensure our safety, even though a USF study showed they do nothing to improve safety.  Increasing the all-red, and increasing the yellow time would do far more to prevent accidents.  Red light running has not decreased - further evidence that the cameras are not stopping red light runners, they're just collecting additional taxes from those that accidentally run a red.

    In another stunning coincidence - on 10/12/11 Passidomo accepted a max contribution from American Traffic Solutions, Inc. - based in Arizona... the same company fleecing the citizens of Collier county.

  • Proposed legislation to Ban Public Smoking
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If any of this seems ridiculous to you... 

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Husband donated to Obama in 2008

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Peter Daniel Richter, Libertarian Party of Florida, for Florida State Representative